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  • What is Fitler Moms by MomConnect?
    We are Philly’s local mom community! The name reflects where we began, in Fitler Square, as well as our mission-- to connect moms in neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia. We offer in-person meetups, classes, events, and additional online resources for Community Members. Most importantly, we offer a network of community support where you need it most-- in your own neighborhood.
  • Is Fitler Moms only for residents of Fitler Square?
    Nope! While this organization got its start in Fitler Square, it quickly drew residents from surrounding neighborhoods and throughout Philadelphia. The MomConnect network is accessible to anyone living in or around Center City. By becoming a Community Member, you’ll gain access to hyperlocal forums with moms in your neighborhood in addition to the all-member Community Forum. Meetups are primarily virtual now during Covid, but when they resume in-person they will take place throughout the city.
  • Why should I become a Member?
    While we offer some open meetups and events, you'll get the most out of your experience by becoming a member. Community Members enjoy unlimited free Meetups, discounts to classes and events, and exclusive access to a secure online Members Area. The online Members Area includes a Community Forum as well as hyperlocal chat groups for Philly neighborhoods, and private New Mom Squads organized by birth month. It also contains a member directory, where you can find and connect with other members. Plus, all of these features are easily accessible on the MomConnect app. In addition, by becoming a member you'll be sustaining this organization and furthering our mission of creating hyperlocal support networks for moms throughout Philadelphia!
  • What is a New Mom Squad?
    One of several benefits of becoming is Community Member is access to a New Mom Squad, which is a peer-led support group of new moms who live near each other and share similar due dates. Each New Mom Squad is given its own private forum in the online Members Area (e.g., May 2021 Squad), where you can easily see which members are in your group, chat privately, share advice and resources, organize in-person meetups and stroller walks, share birth announcements, swap baby gear, and keep in touch long after your baby is born!
  • I’m still early on in my pregnancy. Can I get on a waitlist for a New Mom Squad?
    Yes! We recommend joining a New Mom Squad early on in your pregnancy, so you can begin to form friendships and share resources from the start, before life gets a bit more hectic. When you purchase a Community Membership, you can choose to start it at a later date, which allows you to reserve your spot in a New Mom Squad but begin participating when you’re ready.
  • I’m not a new or first-time mom. Will I still benefit from membership?
    Yes! We are moms with kids of all ages, and we all need support. I personally started this organization because I wanted to find my own mom crew when I was pregnant with my second child, and I am still close friends with those women nearly two years later. Whether our children are in diapers or in college, we can all benefit from a network of supportive women to lean on!
  • What is a Meetup?
    A Meetup is a casual get-together to chat with other members and make new connections. There is no formal facilitator; we don’t sit in a circle or do ice breakers—we just hang out, like normal humans. Meetups are traditionally held in person at local coffee shops, bars, and parks. During Covid, they are temporarily being held virtually via Zoom.
  • What is the Community Forum?
    The Community Forum is a secure online space where Community Members can chat privately with others, ask questions, get recommendations, swap baby gear, and more. You can find focused chats on topics of interest, like Hiring a Nanny, Daycares, Nursing, and Returning to Work. You can also join specific groups of interest, such as Moms from NY, Mompreneurs or Moms Who Run. You can also join hyperlocal groups, such as South Philly Moms, Fairmount Moms, etc. It's a convenient way to find other members, join group discussions, and organize in-person meetups.
  • What types of classes and events are offered?
    We offer a range of fitness and wellness classes, kids music and story time classes, Q&As with local pediatric, childbirth and wellness experts, and special events such as comedy nights, family meetups, and more to come!
  • Can I attend Meetups, classes, and events without becoming a Member?"
    Yes! You can purchase admission to many of our Meetups, classes and events upon obtaining an approved login and password, which you can request for free on the website. Community Members, however, enjoy unlimited Meetups (both virtual and in-person), receive discounts on classes and events, are eligible to join a New Mom Squad, and have access to the online Members Area, including the Community Forum and additional tools and resources.
  • Why not just join a free Facebook moms group?
    Social media groups have their benefits, including the ability to crowd source information and resources. But MomConnect is different for many reasons. First, we are committed to maintaining your privacy and promise you that we will never sell your data. Second, while we offer an online Community Forum for convenience, we are committed above all to prioritizing in-person social interactions. Relying on social media to connect with others can often make us feel more isolated. And as new moms, we need more than anything to physically get out of the house! The mission of MomConnect is to help you find a close community of parents where you need it most—in your neighborhood.
  • Can I join if I’m not currently living in Philly?
    Yes! Many members join before they move to Philly and attend virtual Meetups and events to begin forming connections and finding local resources before they get here. Others are temporarily living away from the city during Covid but continue to build and maintain friendships here virtually. Among other things, Covid has taught us that physical distance does not have to mean social isolation. Join us from wherever you are!
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